How to Choose the Best Wedding Ring Design

How to Choose the Best Wedding Ring Design

Choosing the right person to spend the rest of your life with can be hard, but once you absolutely sure just go for it. Marring that person is another great challenge that comes before you. The biggest problem is finding the right engagement ring.

And this can be quite a hassle, as none of the jewel makers know what type of person your partner is so they can make the perfect ring for them. Only you know that, and only you can design the perfect engagement ring. But how to do this exactly? How to match the design of that ring with your soul mate’s personality?

Shape Defines Character

Rose Gold Engagement RingIf there is one thing that you’re certain about your soon-to-be-wife, it’s how she stands on a couple of things. Knowing the point of view of a person tell you a lot about their character, but only if you know why they chose to solve the problem as they did. So next to general opinion about a certain topic you also should know by now, what are their means of solving any problems that stand between the truth and them?
For the truth to be represented as the beholder sees it, every obstacle in the form of doubt must be eliminated. In other words, anyone who doesn’t believe isn’t contributing to the development of the situation. So again, knowing how you loved one approach and perceived any problem in life may give you some insight on what type of jewelry they want on their wedding day. Depending on what type of person they are your ring should be shaped like a triangle or an octagon, square or a circle.

Colors and Material

Colors and MaterialNow that you got the basic shapes out of your head and onto the sketch, you need to think about what material you’re after. Now here you actually have only a couple of worthy options. If you want to go for a classic gold ring, you can do it with and without adding a diamond or any other precious stone. Gold generally goes well with all sorts of marvels and sparkling stones.
On the other hand, if you don’t want this safe bet only because it doesn’t define you soulmate as it should, you can go for silver anytime. Anytime that is if you understand which precious stone goes with it. Here is a quick tip, you can add a diamond to silver ring concept any time without worrying about ruining the design.

Diamond go well with silver and also add that classy look to the bearer of such rings. Furthermore, you can go with white gold but not if you have any interest of actually spending your life with that person as it’s mostly used for petty neckless and similar accessories.