Is It Possible To Login A Multiple Account On TikTok?

Is It Possible To Login A Multiple Account On TikTok?

Most of us use social media platforms to entertain ourselves and watch viral content in the current generation. There is diversified content available on this platform users would like to share and gain knowledge from. Trending is a bit challenging for newbies and new business persons. But, it will be easy to reach an audience when you open the same account that is familiar with other social media engines. You can also try out SMM services to get ahead of the curve flawlessly. If the popular creator switches to TikTok, most fans will also start to follow this platform. According to a study, promoting your brand with multiple accounts on this platform is fantastic. Here we explain how to open various profiles on this platform. Is it necessary to create a separate account for personal and professional? It is always better to have different credentials for personal and official accounts. Suppose already you have an account on this platform and want to open one more with the same device. Then share a different contact number to open this account. The phone number gets conveyed to the other people, so always be careful. After creating the first profile, you can switch into multiple accounts, and then you need not to logout from one account to another account.

Account Limit Of TikTok

Nowadays, many creators started using the SMM panel to uplift their engagement. You can create up to 3 accounts from a single mail id on a single device from the past year, and now the app has increased it to 5 profiles. The best way to increase this number is to have an additional account. TikTok strictly provided the guideline that no one should operate multiple accounts under a false profile. Does opening numerous accounts on the same phone affect your accounts? When you violate the norms and engage in any spamming activities such as liking your profile. Then, they will ban your account, and you can’t open the account. Otherwise, this application will not restrict your accounts. It is simple to regulate multiple accounts on one phone. The dream of reaching a massive audience community get achieved by opening various accounts.

Pre Requisite To Open Multiple Account

Before opening your account, you should have some essential things to open multiple accounts on TikTok.

  • Many e-mail id
  • Different contact numbers
  • Minimum of two smartphone ids
  • You should have an account on other social media engineer

How To Open A Multiple TikTok Account?

There are simple steps to open multiple accounts on this application from your smartphone.

Launch A TikTok App

Open the TikTok application and go to the profile page by clicking on the icon. Press the menu key present on the right side of your screen, and from the list of accounts, you can add a different profile. Suppose you already have an account in this platform, then uncheck the box next to it before adding the other accounts.

Login To Account

When you want to add a new account or existing account, go to the login screen.

  • If you want to add new accounts, click the top left corner of your account to add multiple accounts.
  • Click on’+ the’ icon to add a new account and type your username and password. You have to use different mail IDs to open other accounts.
  • The tutorial screen opened once after completing the login.
  • Repeat this process until you reach the number of accounts you want to create an account.

Two-Step Verification

Every time you add a new account, you have to complete two verification steps each time. First, check whether you have entered details correctly; incorrect information will not allow you to open the account. If any problem arises, then better employ a different number for opening multiple accounts.


The passwords you use should be powerful enough, and hackers easily hack weak passwords. So, use different passwords for various accounts and also make a note of it. If you encounter any problem, it might be because you have tried out a single number for opening more than five accounts. TikTok has a set limit, and you can only open up to 5 accounts with a single phone number. When you have targeted more than five accounts, then better use the different mobile numbers to open the accounts.

  • What will you do if you don’t have another phone number, but you don’t have one?

You step towards a temporary mobile number creating an application via your smartphone. Many third-party applications offer new numbers to make texts and calls.

Switch Between Several Accounts On TikTok

After creating multiple accounts, you need not log in every time; on the other hand, switch between accounts. By doing this, the previous account gets logged out, and you can use the current account. If you are baffled, follow the below steps,

  • Head back to the TikTok application
  • Click on Me and tap on your account name
  • You can notice the list of accounts and sign in to your desired account

Final Words

Suppose you are running a business, and you should open a business account by following the above techniques. However, you may require multiple accounts to develop a user engagement and get a spot on FYP. Whatever might be the reason, use the TikTok new feature to open multiple accounts. When you aim to create too many accounts, then use third-party tools to create the desired account. Otherwise, use different mail IDs and mobile numbers to create more than five accounts.