Favourite Engagement Ring Types For 2018

Whether you’re into traditional or non-traditional setting what matters most is that you have the best engagement ring to show in front of your future wife. Indeed, there are many options for you to choose which makes it a little confusing and stressful. This is why you need to find the right jewelry shop that understands what you’re going through and gives you the options as to the type of engagement rings you’d like to have in your upcoming proposal.

A unique and trendy engagement ring is on the hunt. You can go for a simple, silhouette ring as a classic choice or perhaps, a vintage-inspired design that have a mix of metal setting or colorful gemstones. All of these would depend as to the kind of jewelry that you’d like to have as an engagement ring. Here are the following best custom engagement ring types that are trendy and popular.

  1. 1.The Rose Gold ring

The rose gold jewelry is now one of the favorite trends not only for engagement rings but also as a personal collection. The good thing about the color is that it matches to every type of skin tone which makes it flattering as well.

  1. 2.Colorful Trend Diamonds

Diamonds these days does not only come with a white or silver-white color, but it also comes with other colors for you to choose. If your future partner is so fond of diamonds perhaps, having it customized with her birthstone or favorite color would be a great idea for an engagement ring.

  1. 3.Colorful Gemstones

Aside from the colorful hue diamonds, you can consider as well a colorful gemstone. An attractive gemstone in the middle would truly make a statement. Options like sapphire, rubies, and emerald, yellow or pink stones add a vintage vibe. Also, you can have it personalized and make it into multidimensional colors of an engagement ring. This creates a cool changing effect.

  1. 4.Floral Settings

Floral accent trend is never out of style. In fact, it’s always been one of the best options for people who plan to be engaged or as a personal pursuit. This adds a feminine touch. You can as well have it halo inspired to make it whimsical.

  1. 5.Sleek Square Bands

This is way beyond the traditional rings that you’ll ever come across with. It is said that squared rings are more non-constricting to the finger compared to the round bands.

  1. 6.Vintage designs

If you have the same vintage-inspired interest with your future spouse, then it is by far that you will end up buying a vintage style engagement ring. Most of these are Victorian, or art deco inspired flair designs. It does have a timeless and glamorous effect.

  1. 7.Scrollwork ring setting

This is another vintage-inspired type of jewelry ring, and it has an organic feel than the traditional engagement rings. It has a playful ornate setting.

In every shared moment that you make, an engagement proposal is one of those times wherein you spend the right timing to make her say YES.

Designing the Best Proposal Wedding Ring

Designing the Best Proposal Wedding Ring

When it comes to presenting a symbol of your appreciation and emphatic ability to recreate the feeling of trust to one person that you know you’re going to spend your life with, you need to make sure that you’ve got the right engagement ring in your hand before you say those words. Not everybody goes for the expensive, ‘can’t be turned down’ option of proposal ring.

Some are looking for something affordable but at the same time recognizable and unique only for them. But how have something as perfect as this at the time you’re kneeling and ‘saying those words’? All you have to do is follow a couple of basic and logical steps.

Unique Ring

Start from the Beginning

First thing’s first, you’ll need a design of your ring, and you can go about it in more than one way. One thing you need to decide on is how to choose a diamond for the perfect ring. The first way includes going to a jewelry shop and, presuming that you know how to describe in actual words what kind of person your partner is, explain what type of design you’re after knowing your soul mate. There is nothing wrong with this method as long as you can accurately describe what type of person your fiancée is. If not, well, I guess you’re going to have found out the hard way after you propose to her with the wrong ring.


Taking Matters in Your own Hands

Another problem that may occur here is that even in a scenario where you’ve perfectly described your soul mate, the designer doesn’t come up with a decent ring design after a while. And you’ve already wasted enough time on waiting for it in the first place so what’s the safe bet here? Well, you can always design it yourself. Everyone can scribble at least, and that vision that you transfer to paper or whatever medium you can use, perfectly describes the thought.

You only need to work on making it more obvious. So for example, if you drawing skills aren’t exactly for bragging, you can add words and express your thoughts differently. Add small notes to your sketch, explaining what each part of your perfect engagement ring concept looks like close up. Add material as well and even more important information like diamond cut and height of crown if using diamond as addition to your concept. Just focus on expressing your feelings rather than giving the “right look” to it, when designing your engagement ring.