Five Jewelry Styling Tips to Spice Up Your Look

Whether going out for a night on town with the girls, or on a date night to a lovely new restaurant, jewelry is a great way to add a little flavor to a tired outfit. Without having to purchase new clothing items, adding a funky necklace or delicate pair of earrings can take an outfit from formal to informal or informal to formal. The transformative powers of jewelry are endless, and the ways you can style these lovely accessories are countless.

Layer for Complexity

As opposed to adding one necklace to an elegant gown or a business-casual blouse, layering allows the wearer to diversify their looks with complex patterns of jewelry. It can be incredibly fun to mix and match long necklaces with short ones, or multiple necklaces of the same length.

Many people enjoy the use of layering with bangles or bracelets for a nice dinner or a formal event. Layering also allows for more complex coordination with colors and patterns. If you are the type of person who loves playing with more intricate design and style choices, layering jewelry like necklaces and bracelets is a great idea.

Coordinate Your Clothing with Your Accessories

One of, if not the most quintessential aspects of jewelry styling is coordination. While it can be great to coordinate jewelry pieces with other accessories like purses and belts, it is important to first of all remember to coordinate with clothing. The addition of jewelry to any look can serve the purpose of dressing an outfit up or dressing it down.

Choose a Focal Point

When coordinating jewelry with a specific outfit, it is important to remember what the focus of the look is. Think about what you want the viewer to be focusing on. Just like in a painting, there is always a focal point, or an area in which the designer attempts to draw the audience’s eye. When coordinating an outfit with jewelry, it can make styling easier if you first begin by selecting a focal point on the body, and using the accessories to draw the eye to that area.

Don’t Be Afraid of Rings

Rings tend to evade the mainstream course of jewelry accessorizing, with the more common uses being functional in nature, like the engagement ring or wedding band. The incorporation of rings into a design can make a huge difference without needing to add too many items.

Rings can be layered just like necklaces and bracelets for an incredible effect. Wearing gemstone rings or one of the many varieties of rings along with any outfit can add a subtle, artsy flair without too much effort.

There Can Be Value in Going Simple

When attempting to construct a complex look for an elegant evening or a busy professional day, people often look toward more flashy or eye-grabbing pieces of jewelry. There is immense value though that can be found in simplifying a look. Color blocking with a simple statement jewelry piece can make for a great business look, and a simple thin necklace or bracelet can add a bit of flair to a formal outfit without making it over the top.